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Selling digital products online doesn’t have to equal hard-selling or flash sales every single day. With the right tools and strategies, you can learn how to market digital products in a way more simple way!

Even if you’re someone who loves launching and selling, including more evergreen or passive ways to make more sales is important for sustainability, preventing burnout, launch fatigue for you and your audience, and for giving you more time freedom in your business.

How Do You Sell Digital Products?

So, how exactly do you sell digital products in a way that feels easy, effective, and in true alignment with the kind of business you’ve always wanted? 

Let’s dig into four simple ways to sell more of your digital products.

1) Evergreen Email Sequences

It’s so true: the money is in the list! 

Having evergreen email sequences in place that do the selling for you on autopilot means that you don’t have to sell every day. They also continue to nurture your list, even if you aren’t able to write new emails every week.

Along with the power of evergreen email sequences, you might want to incorporate my Four by For Footer email strategy, too. You’ll be able to make even more money from every email (automated or not) that you send your list, while keeping them in touch with your latest offers or affiliate recommendations. Best part: it takes less than an hour to set up and 15 minutes a week to maintain!

2) Sell More With Upsells

Another super simple way to sell more digital products is to offer upsells. Presenting a new customer with another offer is a great way to increase your average revenue per order. Plus, it helps get your digital products in front of more people (and not just any people, but paying customers!)

I don’t think of upsells as just a way to sell more (even though they are!). I look at upsells as a way to surprise and delight new customers, which is exactly what I teach inside Unleashing Upsells.

3) Targeted Organic Traffic

Want to know one thing that a lot of digital product sellers don’t consider? SEO! It might seem complicated or that it takes too long, but it really isn’t as hard as it seems.

Organic traffic from search engines is the highest quality traffic because those people are already searching for a solution (which your digital product is!).

My friend Tara has an awesome Easy SEO Mini-course that covers everything you need to know (and avoids all of the extra stuff you don’t really need to understand). 

4) Using ConvertBox Strategically

Most people think of ConvertBox as a tool to increase your email subscribers and promote your freebies, or simply just to collect leads with pop-ups. But there are so many other ways to use this tool to sell your digital products! Hands down, after Thrivecart, this is one of the most powerful and revenue-impacting pieces of tech I use in my business.

You can learn all the ways I use it inside ConvertBox Jumpstart and snag all of my conversion-friendly done for you templates.

Final Thoughts

Folks can’t buy digital products they don’t see or even know about and these 4 strategies help me to make digital product sales every single day. 

Diving into the world of digital product marketing doesn’t have to be like solving a complex puzzle. With the straightforward strategies we’ve chatted about it’s all about making your digital product marketing strategy feel like a natural extension of your brand. 

Selling digital products online is less about the hard sell and more about sharing solutions, sparking genuine connections, and sprinkling value like confetti at every opportunity.

As you take these next steps, think of these insights and tools as your trusty sidekicks to selling more digital products with ease!

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