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Launching an affiliate program can feel overwhelming. But, the truth is: that it’s your secret weapon for spreading the word about your products and making more sales through the power of partnerships. But how do you attract the right crew—those enthusiastic affiliates ready to talk about your brand? 

Whether you’re curious about how to get affiliates to sell your product, how to find affiliate partners, or how to create an affiliate program that stands out, you’re in the right spot. 

Let’s dive into the world of affiliate marketing and make your program a magnet for top-notch partners!

How to Create an Affiliate Program

Before we dig into finding the right people for your affiliate program, let’s chat a bit about setting up and creating a program people will want to promote!

1) Decide On Your Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Setting the right commission rate is what will hook your affiliates (along with great products!). Whether it’s a percentage of sales or a flat rate, make sure it’s juicy enough to attract affiliates but is also sustainable (read: you have sufficient profit margin to afford that level of payout) for your business in the long haul.

2) Legal Terms and Conditions

If you have an affiliate program, you’ll want some legal terms and conditions to cover yourself. I recommend Braden Drake’s Contract Vault, it’s super budget friendly and has an incredible array of legal contract templates for online businesses, including website terms & conditions, a privacy policy, and yes, a contract for affiliate programs that I asked him to add to the vault!

3) Other Important Decisions

Some other important decisions you’ll need to make with your affiliate program are:

1) How long are your affiliate cookies good for? This is the length of time that an affiliate will be ‘registered’ for sales. If you have a 30 day cookie and someone came through an affiliate link but bought something 32 days later, then that affiliate wouldn’t make commission.

Typically this is 30 days, but a longer cookie period might be something you offer (or even offer as a special bonus).

2) When will affiliates be paid? You’ll want to have a set period of time after the sale that affiliates can expect their payment. Just make sure you give this enough of a window in case of refunds. This could be anywhere from 7 days to 1 month, but just be super clear about this in your affiliate program terms and details.

4) Affiliate Program Software

There are a lot of options out there for running and managing your affiliate program. No surprise here but my personal favorite is Thrivecart! If you’re already using Thrivecart, it’s probably a good idea to use it for your affiliate program, too.

Ready to create your affiliate program in Thrivecart? Learn the strategy and get it set up TODAY with Pay Your Pals.

How to Get Affiliates and Find Affiliate Partners

Now let’s move on to the big piece of running of an affiliate program for your digital products and courses: how to get affiliates for it! My affiliates bring in thousands of sales for me every year so there are a lot of benefits to having an affiliate program and finding the right affiliate partners.

1) Create an Affiliate Program Landing Page

You may just want to offer your affiliate program to already paying customers, but if not, creating an affiliate program page on your website is important. It lets people know that you have a program and makes it super easy for them to sign up.

2) Add It To Your Programs and Digital Products

I include information about my affiliate program in all of my programs and digital products in Thrivecart Learn. If someone has purchased and enjoyed it, they’ll want to share it. So, why not make it even more enticing by giving them the opportunity to make some passive money for sharing it?

3) Add It To Your Post Purchase Emails

After your initial delivery or welcome email after a purchase, send an email specifically about your affiliate program. Invite them to join and this will generate more affiliate partners for your program.

4) Basically: Let People Know It Exists

The biggest part of all of this is to let people know you have an affiliate program (seems easy enough, right?). Talk about it, share it! If nobody knows it exists they can’t join it and promote your stuff.

Make It Easy for Affiliates to Promote

So, you’ve grown your affiliate program and have a good amount of affiliates now.. But nothing will happen without them actually promoting. This is why we need to make it as easy as possible for affiliates to promote. Send email updates, provide swipe copy and graphics. Remind them, get them excited!

Final Thoughts

Thrivecart’s affiliate settings look deceptively easy, but turns out it’s very confusing to create a cohesive, multi-offer affiliate program that runs seamlessly. 

I’ll show you the proven way to set it up to minimize stress + bring in the revenue inside Pay Your Pals.

With each new affiliate that joins your ranks, you’re not just growing your affiliate program; you’re amplifying your reach, and growing your business.

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