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As a course creator, choosing the right platform for your business operations is similar to selecting the perfect ingredients for a delicious dish. The choices are endless, but not all of them blend well with the unique flavor of your business. 

Among the selection of options available, the dilemma often boils down to selecting between an all-in-one solution like Kajabi or Kartra and a specialized checkout platform like ThriveCart. In this post, I’ll be sharing why making the switch to ThriveCart is such a simple-yes choice.

Thrivecart: The Kajabi and Kartra Alternative

Here’s a look at just some of the big reasons why Thrivecart is a great option over all-in-one options, like Kajabi and Kartra.

Cost Efficiency:

When starting out, the allure of an all-in-one platform is hard to resist. The idea of having a single solution to handle everything sounds ideal. 

However, the initial cost that seems reasonable can quickly escalate. Especially if you are an entrepreneur with a lot of products and ideas buzzing in your head, the monthly fees can add up to a hefty annual expense.

On the other hand, ThriveCart is a breath of fresh air with its one-time payment structure. I signed up for ThriveCart in 2020 for a one-time fee of $690, which eliminated the monthly financial cost associated with a Kartra or Kajabi subscription, which is usually $119-300 a month. This switch drastically cut my operational costs, leaving more room for profit and business growth.

Unlimited Growth Potential:

The all-in-one platforms, while providing a basic structure, often come with limitations when it comes to scaling up. Neither Kajabi nor Kartra offers an unlimited plan, which can feel like trying to see your business soar with weights tied to your wings.

ThriveCart, on the other hand, embodies the essence of unlimited growth potential. It does not box you into a tier, rather it provides the freedom to expand your horizons without any additional financial burden.

Superiority in Functionality:

These platforms, although bundled with features, tend to fall short of delivering excellence in any one domain, which can be a bottleneck for creatives and innovators.

On the flip side, ThriveCart shines brightly when it comes to providing a smooth and efficient checkout experience. It’s not just about making sales; it’s about creating a seamless journey for your customers from browsing to buying. ThriveCart helps reduce the friction in the buying process, which in turn enhances the user experience and potentially boosts conversions.

Affiliate System:

The affiliate systems in Kajabi and Kartra can leave you (and your affiliates) less than impressed. The process of digging around for links and managing affiliate programs seems to be a chore rather than a streamlined process.

However ThriveCart’s affiliate system is designed with user-friendliness in mind. As an affiliate, the ease of logging in, viewing all the programs you’re part of, and grabbing your affiliate link is a breeze. This ease of use encourages more affiliate engagement, which could lead to increased promotion and, subsequently, sales.

As a person who loves affiliate marketing, I personally can’t stand when folks use Kartra or Kajabi to host their affiliate platform (or anything else, really, perhaps other than SamCart). I love that when I log in to Thrivecart as an affiliate, I can see all the programs I’m an affiliate for and grab links quickly. That comes in incredibly handy when you’re preparing for big sale seasons, like Black Friday. 

Ease of Migration:

Migration from one platform to another is often seen as an overwhelming task. I’m not going to sugarcoat the reality — it’s a tedious process

However, there are long-term benefits that outweigh the temporary inconvenience of migration. By focusing on the bigger picture and the potential uptick in conversions, the argument for making the switch to ThriveCart becomes compelling.

Integration and Automation:

The power of integration and automation cannot be overstated. ThriveCart stands head and shoulders above the rest with its robust integration capabilities, especially via Zapier

Unlike Kajabi and Kartra, ThriveCart offers a vast array of triggers and actions for your checkouts and affiliate program that unlock a realm of automation possibilities, streamlining operations and saving precious time and resources. If you’ve upgraded to Learn+, you can add even more automations to streamline things like unlocking bonus content, removing access after a period of time, sharing bonuses after course completion, and so much more. Tap here to learn more about Learn and tap here to upgrade to Learn+ now.

Final Thoughts

It’s so important to align your business tools with your growth vision. ThriveCart is a viable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to all-in-one platforms like Kajabi and Kartra. As you navigate the waters of online entrepreneurship, making informed decisions on platforms can significantly impact your operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line.
Are you ready to reevaluate your current platform and consider making a switch that could propel your business to new heights? Explore ThriveCart and discover how its features can align with your business goals, offering a seamless and enjoyable journey for both you and your customers. Your thriving online empire awaits!

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