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So, you recently bought ThriveCart? Congratulations! Now, you want to make sure you’re making the most of your business investment. In this blog post, I’m sharing the top ways to make more with ThriveCart.

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Using ThriveCart Learn as Your Course Platform

One of the best things ThriveCart did was add Learn as a feature. Now with ThriveCart Learn, you don’t have to host your courses, digital products, or even membership on another platform. 

Saving $50 – $200 per month vs. paying for another course platform will pay for your ThriveCart investment within a few months.

And yes: Thrivecart Learn, the built in course platform, is included with your one-time purchase!

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Bump Offers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make more money using ThriveCart is by setting up bump offers on your checkouts. When choosing a bump offer to include, think about what would be a great addition to the product they are purchasing. 

What else would be of interest to them? What could help them take action sooner?

Why Bump Offers Work:

Bump offers give your customers the chance to add complementary items to their purchases. Think about it, they’re already buying from you, so they’re more likely to take advantage of the extra offer. Plus, it’s an easy and quick way for you to boost your revenue!


A tripwire is a special offer set up on a thank you page after someone opts into a freebie or lead magnet. Why not introduce these new subscribers to your offers by introducing them to a tripwire offer? 

You can easily set this up with ThriveCart by having a $0 product (the freebie or lead magnet) and then having them redirected to your tripwire page after signing up.

Why Tripwires Work:

Tripwires are popular and work well because they create urgency. Most tripwires are offered using an evergreen countdown timer for 10-20 minutes. That means they will only see this offer once at this price. Tripwires are also usually lower ticket offers, which will have fewer objections and result in more purchases.


An upsell is when someone has just purchased something, and you offer them a higher-priced option. This could be a totally different product, or it could be something where if someone signs up for a monthly membership, you offer them an upsell into an annual membership immediately after purchase.

And yep, you can set this up with ThriveCart, too!

Why Upsells Work:

Depending on the offer, upsells can work really well, and because an upsell is a higher price, it means more money for you if anyone takes advantage of it. So, what do you have to lose by offering one?

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Abandoned Cart Emails

Another revenue-generating feature that ThriveCart has is abandoned cart emails. Why not follow up with someone who entered their email but didn’t complete the checkout? Even if the abandoned cart email sequence doesn’t convert, you might learn more about why they decided not to purchase. That information can be invaluable for your marketing, messaging, and copy!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ThriveCart is a powerful platform that can help you maximize your earnings by leveraging its various features. From hosting your courses and digital products with ThriveCart Learn to setting up bump offers, tripwires, and upsells on your checkouts, there are plenty of ways to boost your revenue. 

Additionally, the abandoned cart emails feature allows you to follow up with potential customers who didn’t complete their purchases, providing insights that can help you improve your marketing strategy. 

By using ThriveCart’s revenue-boosting tools, you can make the most of your investment and grow your business.

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