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We all want to make more money. And making more money with every email newsletter (or sequence) you send? Yes, please!

Today’s blog post is a case study written by Tara Reid, who took and implemented my Four by For Footers training right away. The results are not typical, but it shares another perspective and example of how this email marketing strategy really works.

Let’s dig into it!

Why did you decide to buy Four by For Footers?

I noticed and loved how you set up your four by for email footer. As soon as I saw you offered to teach and share this strategy… I was sold!

I have a lot of different offers and do a lot of collaborations, so being able to strategically share more things in an email sounded great to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of results, but it seemed really easy and fun!

How quickly did you implement and set up your 4×4 email footer?

I had it planned out and set up within an hour, thanks to the Four by For Footer strategy! I loved how everything was laid out in the training, and there were definitely some things I wouldn’t have thought about that were brought up.

How quickly did you see extra sales or income from your 4×4 email footer?

After setting it up, I made a sale from my footer within an hour of sending my first email newsletter. How’s that for quick results?! I couldn’t believe it, and was really excited to see fast results.

So, basically, the cost of Four by For Footers was made back pretty much immediately after my next email.

What are your results after two months?

I’m excited to share the real numbers with you! I’ve been keeping track of the traffic and sales that come from my 4×4 footer links so I can accurately measure how effective this strategy is. I use Drip as my email marketing platform, which makes it easy to update my 4×4 and track traffic from it.

A little background info: I do have a fairly engaged email list, about 11k in size, and I typically email 2-3 times per week.

Month 1 Results: $822 Additional Revenue From My 4×4 Links

  • Affiliate Income: $385
  • My Product Sales: $437

Month 2 Results: $1,428 Additional Revenue From My 4×4 Links

  • Affiliate Income: $724
  • My Product Sales: $704

I’m able to easily link and share offers that I haven’t promoted in a while. And getting affiliate commissions are always a nice bonus!

I love that all I need to do is remember to update my 4×4 footer content snippet a few times per week – which only takes a few minutes to do. It’s a pretty incredible ROI.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t snagged the Four by For Footers training yet, this is your sign to do so! And if you have it but haven’t implemented it, what are you waiting for? Dama is sharing her GOLD email marketing strategy here, and it’s perfect for anyone – coaches, course creators, digital product sellers, service providers, and affiliate marketers!

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