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Is it still worth buying ConvertBox even if your email service provider isn’t a native integration? ConvertBox is a powerful tool that allows you to create engaging popups, forms, quizzes and surveys to capture leads and make more sales of your products.

Currently, ConvertBox supports integration with 14 popular email service providers like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, AWeber, Hubspot and more. See the full list here. But what if you use Flodesk, Birdsend, FG Funnels, GoHighLevel, System.io or some other email service provider that isn’t currently supported? Don’t worry; you still have plenty of options to make the most of ConvertBox.

How to Use ConvertBox with FloDesk, BirdSend, Systeme.io, GoHighLevel, and other non-natively supported email service providers

Connecting ConvertBox via Automation Software

If your email service provider isn’t directly supported by ConvertBox, you can bridge the gap by using automation software like Zapier, Pabbly, Integrately, Make, or SureTriggers. These platforms act as connectors, enabling you to transfer data seamlessly between your email service provider and ConvertBox. Heads up: ConvertBox will post a webhook, and for some automation softwares, like Zapier, webhooks require a paid plan.

If you want to use FloDesk with ConvertBox, you’ll need a paid Zapier plan.

Connecting ConvertBox via Webhooks

A webhook is sort of like throwing a ball with a message on it into the air – ConvertBox shares the data on your new lead, like their first name and email address, but your email service provider has to catch it in order to actually subscribe the person. Not all email service providers can catch webhooks, or trigger an automation with an inbound webhook, but if yours can, this is a good option and does NOT require Zapier or any other paid software.

If you want to use Systeme.io with ConvertBox, you can collect leads via ConvertBox’s webooks feature without Zapier. Read more on Systeme.io’s website here.

If you want to use GoHighLevel or FH Funnels with ConvertBox, you can easily add the base code to your website and pages, and to collect leads, you’ll need to set up an automation that has Inbound Webhooks as its trigger. Note: this is a Premium feature with GoHighLevel but is included with FG Funnels for free. Zapier is not needed. Here’s a support doc from GoHighLevel about Inbound Webooks.

Connecting via ConvertBox’s HTML form integration

This is another alternative you can use if your email service provider is not natively supported by ConvertBox. As long as your email service provider supports HTML form codes, you can use this to collect leads with ConvertBox without Zapier.

If you want to use BirdSend with ConvertBox, use the HTML form integration. Here’s an article on this in BirdSend’s support docs.

Of the three options, using webhooks and HTML form integrations are more technical, but if you want to avoid paying for Zapier or other automation software, it’s a good alternative.

How to Use ConvertBox to Make  More Sales, Without Collecting Leads

Even without collecting leads directly into your email service provider, you can still make the most of ConvertBox’s features:

  • Promote Products Directly: Drive sales by showcasing your products or services through targeted popups.
  • Share Sales and Promotions: Let your audience and casual web traffic know about special offers, discounts, and limited-time deals using ConvertBox. You can add a countdown timer too, to help them understand the urgency of the promo.
  • Recommend Affiliate Products: Monetize your platform by recommending affiliate products through ConvertBox. Use page-by-page targeting or WordPress blog categories. You can even have multiple affiliate ConvertBox campaigns that rotate automatically for you.
  • Share Popular Content: Have a blog post or some social content that is crushing it? Use a ConvertBox popups to share it with folks cruising your website.
  • Set Up Exit Intent Popups: Reduce cart abandonment with exit intent popups on your sales pages. You can add a coupon or recommend a related but lower-priced product if they’re about to navigate away from your sales page.
  • Collect Testimonials: Yes, you can use ConvertBox inside your course platform. Gather valuable feedback and testimonials from your customers through popup forms.
  • Communicate with Students: Engage with your course participants directly within your course platform using ConvertBox. I use these to let them know about upcoming live Q&As, workshops, or when I’m adding improvements to the courses they already have.

What are the Drawbacks of Using ConvertBox with Non-Supported Email Service Providers?

While using a non-supported email service provider with ConvertBox can still be very lucrative when you use the strategies listed above, there are some limitations to using ConvertBox with an email service provider that isn’t natively supported. 

Here are some constraints to consider:

  • Inability to Target Based on Products Purchased or Tags – since ConvertBox isn’t automatically communicating with your email service provider, that means you don’t have as much data for targeting, such as showing a ConvertBox only to leads who have already purchase a specific product or have a tag in your email service provider.
  • Lack of Personalization with First Names in Popups or Messages – a nice feature of ConvertBox is to be able to add their name to one of your popups (with a fallback of “friend” or “there”) but when you don’t use one of the supported email service providers, this option isn’t open to you 

Here’s a suggested workaround though:
If you exclusively use ConvertBox forms to collect leads (via Zapier, webhook, etc), ConvertBox may not have access to your customer’s tags or past purchases, but as long as you ask for a first name on your forms, it should be able to store that data and allow name personalizations until the person clears their cookies.

Why ConvertBox Is Still Worth It

Despite some of the personalization and targeting limitations I mentioned above, ConvertBox is still a hugely valuable tool for making the most of your marketing efforts, improving student experience, and making more sales from casual website visitors. Its intuitive interface, customizable features, and ability to engage and convert visitors make it a worthwhile investment, even if your email service provider isn’t natively integrated. With creative workarounds and strategic applications (I can help with this!), you can maximize ConvertBox’s potential and drive results for your online business.
If you don’t yet have ConvertBox, I clearly highly recommend it! In fact, it had a huge financial impact on my business to the tune of $5k in extra digital product sales in 2023 alone. Curious? Check out my free 13-minute mini training here:

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