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And spark ideas for new offers they actually want to buy

Guest blog post by Nadine Nethery of Can Do! Content.

As a strategic website and email copywriter, I talk to dozens of online business owners each month.

Many of them are in the same boat and come to me for help because…

They’re making ok sales, but realize they’re leaving money on the table.

They’re sick and tired of the low engagement rate they’ve been seeing of late.

And this increasing frustration leads to procrastination.

Which means they’re NOT writing the emails, web pages and social media posts that ultimately lead to more sales!

The traps so many of them have fallen into?

These online business owners seek inspiration from other brands.

They aren't strategic about their copy & brand messaging.

And they put themselves at the center of their copy and messaging.

Totally at no fault of their own, but simply because that’s how they’ve been taught to approach copy.

Funnily enough, the secret to their best copy yet doesn’t come down to being the loudest brand out there or tooting your own horn, it’s all about LEANing into your audience.

What is the LEAN copy method?

The signature LEAN Copy Method I teach inside my DIY audience research toolkit, The Audience Success Formula and use as the starting point for all my 1:1 client projects, comes down to one key ingredient:


Empathy is the mirror that allows us to see ourselves in others and shifts our focus on shared goals.

And all of a sudden, we no longer have to push a hard sell but serve & empower our audience to reach their goals instead (with us to guide them, of course!).

My circular LEAN Copy Method guides you through a repeatable copy process that makes your audience the centre of your universe for a rinse-and-repeat copy framework:

How can you tap into this process to write your best copy yet?

Everything starts with intentional conversations with your audience and a set of very strategic questions to replace assumptions with a deep first-hand understanding of:

  • Mental Hurdles they need to overcome
  • Current struggles that need fixing
  • The dream future they’re aspiring to
  • Any stigma surrounding your offer

Listening to your ideal customers is critical to copy that sells because the insights you uncover hold the key to the words, language and thought patterns they need to hear to be ready to invest in your offers.

As an online business owner, it’s your job to read between the lines, pick up patterns and extract all the goodness ready for you to repurpose the findings in your copy and messaging.

The more specific, tangible and relatable you can make your copy, the more your audience feels understood and empowered to consider you as the perfect solution.

The LEAN Copy Method is the unfair marketing advantage that helps you reframe objections, pain points, desires and false beliefs in your dream customer’s words rather than your own.

Why is this process so powerful?

LEANing into your audience allows your ideal customer to do the heavy lifting for you. And it replaces your procrastination with a ready-to-go bucket list of content ideas, expressions and messages designed to prime your audience one email, social media post or blog post at a time.

And all of a sudden, you’ve adopted a way of copywriting and marketing that:

  • Saves you time and headspace
  • Wins you more loyal customers
  • Allows you to show up with ease
  • Leads with empathy rather than pushiness

Today’s consumers are incredibly savvy and demand to feel heard, seen and truly understood. They can spot fake urgency and scarcity from a distance!

Genuine, authentic touchpoints are the empathy-led alternative to convince them to take action, whether that’s joining your mailing list, buying your course or working with you 1:1.

Not only that, empathy-driven messaging will grow brand loyalty and repeat business long-term.

Is this a once-and-done process?

Once you've tested your copy in the wild, it's time to refine your messaging based on fresh insights and conversations you’re having.

Because as the world around us evolves, so do the messages your audience needs to hear.

That’s why two-way conversations with your ideal customers are a never-ending process. 

LEAN into your audience whenever you consider:

  • Launching new offers
  • Refining existing offers
  • Changing your niche
  • Rebranding

Incorporating fresh insights into your ongoing business processes will become a neverending catalyst for your best copy yet.

Best of all?

The insights you gather along the way can also spark ideas for brand new services, courses or offers your audience can't wait to get their hands on (because they told you they need them!).

The verdict?

Copy and messaging success comes down to 80% audience insights and 20% creativity.

A whole new approach to copywriting can be yours, if you’re willing to get to the bottom of the objections, pain points, desires and false beliefs standing between you and your best copy yet.

If you take away ONE thing from this post, make it this one:

Your copy success starts with your ideal customer, not your goals!

How are you going to LEAN into your audience before you write, create, launch or [insert your next bold move]?

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