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Finding tools that streamline business operations while allowing me more creativity and a better student experience is a huge win for entrepreneurs. One such tool that has had a huge positive impact in how I manage and grow my course creator business is Softr. 

As a big fan of effective and efficient (ok, yes, lazy) business solutions, I keep finding new ways to use Softr, and I’m excited to share some of them today.

What is Softr.io?

Softr.io is a versatile platform that allows users to create no-code websites, web apps, and portals directly from Airtable data, without any coding knowledge. 

Its native (aka free) integration with Airtable, along with the no-code interface, makes it a big time-and-hassle-saver for business owners looking to improve their student and member experience with automations, filterable and searchable dashboards, and interactive course features.

Softr Pricing

Softr does have a free plan so you can test it out for yourself. I do recommend upgrading to a paid plan for extra features, like: custom domains, being able to embed blocks onto another website or inside your courses (more on that later), and remove Softr’s branding.

You can learn more about Softr pricing and plans right here

8 Ways I Figured Out How to Use Softr

There are so many unique ways to use Softr in your business. Here are 8 ways that I’m currently using Softr for my course creator business to give you some ideas of how versatile it really is.

1) Using Softr For Bundle Dashboards

Thinking about hosting a bundle? Use Airtable for your submission forms so you can use Softr to pull that data into a beautiful page for your bundle buyers. 

It makes it so much easier for them to sign up for the products they want and it’s so much easier vs copying & pasting all that info to a separate website.

I also keep myself organized as a bundle host with Airtable and Softr too. You can learn more about hosting your own bundle (and using Airtable + Softr) inside Bundle Formula

2) Using Softr For FAQs

FAQ sections are vital for customer support. Using Softr, I’ve developed comprehensive FAQ pages for within my courses and programs that not only address common student questions but also let them explore questions others have asked, too. It also embeds beautifully inside my courses, so they don’t have to log in anywhere else.

3) Using Softr For Assets / Template Libraries

Have a digital product or course that includes a lot of resources or templates? My program Bundle Formula alone has over 100 templates inside, the library was massive! You can use Softr to set a beautiful template library that is searchable and filterable by category – your students will thank you! 

I currently have this set up for ConvertBox Jumpstart and my Move to Thrivecart group program too.

4) Using Softr For Slide Deck Embeds

Ever have students asking you to share your slide decks? I don’t usually share them, as they’re my intellectual property, but occasionally I’ll use Softr to embed the slide deck inside courses, like my Google Doc workbooks viral training On Brand Fillable Workbooks. so students can thumb through them.

5) Using Softr For Resource Lists / Affiliate Links

I love using Softr to create resource lists or for sharing affiliate links. While this is a really good idea for Black Friday, it works year-round!

I share exactly how to do this (with templates and tutorials) inside Black Friday Deals. This is perfect for anyone who wants to make affiliate marketing a bigger slice of their revenue streams.

6) Using Softr For Live Q&A Replays

Softr has revolutionized how I offer value through live Q&A sessions. By sharing replays using Softr, I provide ongoing searchable access to these resources, which my students absolutely love.

7) Using Softr For Podcast Guest Episodes

Are you a speaker or looking for more speaking opportunities? Adding all of these features to your website can be time-consuming. As I do more podcast guest episodes, I’ll be using Softr to keep track of them and will then embed that list onto my speaking page.

So much easier and FASTER to update!

8) Using Softr For Popup Websites

Softr’s agility in creating popup websites has been a game-changer for launching short-term projects or events. The speed and ease with which I can set up these sites have significantly boosted my marketing campaigns.

I used Softr to build this page for my Show and Tell Contest.

Yep, that’s hosted wholly in Softr!

Softr Review: Is It Worth It?

After thoroughly integrating Softr into various aspects of my business, I can confidently say that its value far exceeds its cost. The time and resources saved, coupled with the increased productivity and creative freedom it offers, make Softr an indispensable tool for any business looking to save time, automate, and streamline different parts of their business.

Final Thoughts

Embracing Softr has not only optimized my business operations but also opened up new options for creativity and growth. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with powerful integration and customization capabilities, provides a solid foundation for any business looking to leverage the power of no-code solutions. 

If you’re on the fence about adding Softr into your tech stack, my advice is to dive in with a free account and try it out – the potential benefits are too big to ignore.

If you’re not very tech-savvy or want Softr help, you’ll definitely want to check out my Black Friday Deals training that shows you exactly how Softr works!

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